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Document Accessibility Toolbar Now Available

It’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities and to celebrate, Vision Australia has announce the release of the long-awaited Document Accessibility Toolbar (DAT).

The DAT is a dedicated accessibility ribbon menu for Microsoft Word 2010 or later that makes it quicker and easier to create accessible documents. It features a range of functions to optimise and validate a document for accessibility. The DAT is available for Windows and is free to download.

Other free tools provided by Vision Australia include the Colour Contrast Analyser, and the Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT) for Internet Explorer. 8-)


GWConnect Returns Thanks to Patched SkypeKit

GW Micro, developers of Window-Eyes, launched a free and accessible Skype client called GWConnect (originally GWSkype) for blind/visually impaired Windows users in January, 2012. The program became hugely popular and regular updates followed.

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