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JAWS Guide to the Taskbar on Windows 10

David Bailes has been posting his excellent VIP Software Guides for JAWS and screen magnifier users since April, 2006.

His latest offering is the JAWS Guide to the Taskbar on Windows 10 published earlier today. Read it, learn it, live it! 😄


KNFB Reader Online School

If you are (or are about to be 🎁) a lucky owner of the essential KNFB Reader app available for IOS and Android, then KNFB have an early Christmas present for you! 🎅

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YouTube HTML5 Player Accessibility

2005 was a momentous year for YouTube:

  • The domain name was created on February 14th.

  • On April 23rd, the first video was uploaded to the site where it remains to this day. It’s called Me at the Zoo and is 19secs long. 27.8m views and counting! :)

  • In September, a Nike ad featuring Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho went viral and was the first video to reach 1m views.

  • On November 7th, YouTube announced it had received $3.5m in funding from a venture capital firm.

  • And on December 15th, according to this Business Insider article, YouTube officially launched out of beta.

Accessibility wasn’t a priority in those early days, but YouTube has come a long way in 10 years. Below are my tips for using the HTML5 player with a screen reader.

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Getting Started Videos from Google Accessibility

Earlier today, Roger Benz of the Google Accessibility Team announced the release of five videos on YouTube to help blind and visually impaired people get started with Google Docs, Drives, Slides, and Sheets using the NVDA screen reader with the Firefox web browser on Windows:

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