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NCBI Technology Podcast for August, 2015

This month’s edition of the NCBI Technology Podcast is now available. In the final segment, editor Stuart Lawler talks to Yours Truly about The A11y Files. The interview starts around the 51mins mark.

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Braille E-Books: Why Can’t You Buy a Budget E-Reader?

The BBC Technology News reporter asks why there isn’t an affordable Braille e-book reader available despite several attempts to make one. The depressing answer is that giants like Amazon aren’t interested in such a specialised niche market.

Small players have tried to fill this innovation gap, but these groups are invariably heavily reliant on government grants and charitable donations. All too often, the funds dry up at the prototype stage and the project stalls.


Disabled People Should Be Killed Says Google

Jaw-dropping article from Accessibility NZ about Google’s autocomplete predictions for the search query disabled people should.

Predictions are derived from a number of factors including how often users search for a particular term. So if Google suggests something offensive, it’s a strong indicator that an awful lot of people are typing that particular phrase into the search box. :(

PS: It should be noted that Google no longer suggests the predictions mentioned in the article and it is now possible to report offensive predictions. I guess someone tipped them off!


Disabled Sue Over Web Shopping

A routine article in the Wall Street Journal describing how the US-based National Federation of the Blind and the National Association of the Deaf sued Target and Netflix for failing to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities.

What sets this piece apart, however, is the tone of the 169 comments submitted by readers. (Search for Archived Comments and click on Oldest with the mouse pointer/JAWS Cursor to get started.) Some of the ignorant attitudes expressed are truly breath-taking. Set your talking watch back 100 years. :(