NVDA 2016.1 Now Available

NV Access released NVDA 2016.1 this morning. NVDA is a free and open source screen reader for Windows.

Highlights of this release include:

  • the ability to optionally lower the volume of other sounds (audio ducking)
  • improved Braille output and display support
  • significant Microsoft Office support bugfixes
  • better handling of browse mode in iTunes
  • reporting of emphasis is now disabled by default 😤

Visit What’s New in NVDA for full details.

How to Install NVDA

To install the latest version of NVDA from scratch, click on this direct download link (17.7Mb).

How to Install the Latest NVDA Update

Existing users of NVDA will be alerted by default when a new update is available. To check manually, press <Ins+N> to open the NVDA menu, followed by <H> to enter the Help submenu, and lastly <C> to start the Check for Updates process.

NVDA Add-ons

The introduction of the Add-ons Manager in NVDA 2012.2 has made extending NVDA’s functionality easier. A plethora of official and third-party add-ons are available. Jeff’s NVDA Add-on Repository and the official NVDA Community Add-ons Website are both worth perusing.

NVDA Remote Access

NVDA Remote Access is a free and open source add-on for NVDA that allows you to connect to another person’s computer, or allow a trusted person to connect to your system to perform routine maintenance, diagnose a problem, or provide training.

NV Access Relies on Your Financial Support

If you try NVDA and find it useful (if not downright indispensable), you are strongly encouraged to make a donation appropriate to your financial circumstances.

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