Why We Are Leaving the World of the Mac

In February, 2014, Marco Zehe wrote about why he was switching back to Windows. And now, Brian Hartgen has blogged about his decision to leave the world of the Mac.

Brian ordered a custom-built MacBook Pro. He loved the hardware’s beautiful design. He found VoiceOver on OS X worked well, but it took him a while to get used to the VO way of doing things, which is to navigate to an element(eg, a menu, scrollbar, or dialog), select it, interact with it, and then deselect it before moving on to the next element.

Frustration grew, however, when he discovered that the formatting information like font size and line height he could access when writing documents with JAWS on a Windows machine was simply unavailable when using VO. He also ran into problems with JAWS keystrokes and scripts while running Windows on his Mac.

In the end, he came to the realisation that he was spending so much of his time on the Mac running Windows software on an emulator that he may as well be using a real PC.

PS: Marco has since reverted back to the Mac.


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