Getting Started Videos from Google Accessibility

Earlier today, Roger Benz of the Google Accessibility Team announced the release of five videos on YouTube to help blind and visually impaired people get started with Google Docs, Drives, Slides, and Sheets using the NVDA screen reader with the Firefox web browser on Windows:

And here are a few more Google-related links thrown in for good measure: ;)

  • All Products and FeaturesGoogle Accessibility: Links to keyboard shortcuts, screen reader help, and other useful resources for all Google products conveniently in one place. A must-have bookmark. 8-)

  • Official Google Blog: Accessibility: A list of all posts on the Official Google Blog with the label accessibility.

  • Accessible on Google Groups: Forum for sharing tips and comments about the accessibility of Google products. Monitored by the Google Accessibility Team. 1500+ members. To join, send an email with a blank subject line and an empty body to:

  • Accessibility M+Google: Although primarily for University of Michigan users of assistive technology, this site provides information about accessibility barriers and workarounds useful to AT users of Google products everywhere. Keep up the good work, Jane Vincent! :)


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